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YB-1 stabilizes HIV-1 genomic RNA and enhances viral production 期刊论文
PROTEIN & CELL, 2013, 卷号: 4, 期号: 8, 页码: 591-597
Authors:  Mu, Xin;  Li, Wei;  Wang, Xinlu;  Gao, Guangxia;  Gao GX(高光侠)
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Y-box Binding Protein 1  Hiv-1  Rna Stability  
ZAP Inhibits Murine Gammaherpesvirus 68 ORF64 Expression and Is Antagonized by RTA 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY, 2013, 卷号: 87, 期号: 5, 页码: 2735-2743
Authors:  Xuan, Yifang;  Gong, Danyang;  Qi, Jing;  Han, Chuanhui;  Deng, Hongyu;  Deng HY(邓红雨);  Gao, Guangxia;  Gao GX(高光侠)
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Structural study of MCPIP1 N-terminal conserved domain reveals a PIN-like RNase 期刊论文
NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, 2012, 卷号: 40, 期号: 14, 页码: 6957-6965
Authors:  Xu, Jiwei;  Peng, Wei;  Sun, Yao;  Wang, Xiangxi;  Xu, Yihui;  Li, Xuemei;  Li XM(李雪梅);  Gao, Guangxia;  Gao GX(高光侠);  Rao, Zihe;  Rao ZH(饶子和)
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Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3 beta (GSK3 beta) Modulates Antiviral Activity of Zinc-finger Antiviral Protein (ZAP) 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 2012, 卷号: 287, 期号: 27, 页码: 22882-22888
Authors:  Sun, Lin;  Lv, Fengxiang;  Guo, Xuemin;  Gao, Guangxia;  Gao GX(高光侠)
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Expression of YB-1 enhances production of murine leukemia virus vectors by stabilizing genomic viral RNA 期刊论文
PROTEIN & CELL, 2012, 卷号: 3, 期号: 12, 页码: 943-949
Authors:  Li, Wei;  Wang, Xinlu;  Gao, Guangxia;  Gao GX(高光侠)
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Y-box Binding Protein 1  Retroviral Vector  Rna Stability  
Zinc-Finger Antiviral Protein Inhibits XMRV Infection 期刊论文
PLOS ONE, 2012, 卷号: 7, 期号: 6, 页码: -
Authors:  Wang, Xinlu;  Tu, Fan;  Zhu, Yiping;  Gao, Guangxia;  Gao GX(高光侠);  WANG XL
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PR65A Regulates The Activity of The Zinc-finger Antiviral Protein 期刊论文
PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS, 2012, 卷号: 39, 期号: 5, 页码: 431-437
Authors:  Wang ZhongFeng;  Wang XinLu;  Gao Guangxia;  Gao GX(高光侠)
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Zinc-finger Antiviral Protein (Zap)  Pr65a  Anti-virus  
Structure of N-terminal domain of ZAP indicates how a zinc-finger protein recognizes complex RNA 期刊论文
NATURE STRUCTURAL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, 2012, 卷号: 19, 期号: 4, 页码: 430-435
Authors:  Chen, Shoudeng;  Xu, Yihui;  Zhang, Kuo;  Wang, Xinlu;  Sun, Jian;  Gao, Guangxia;  Gao GX(高光侠);  Liu, Yingfang;  Liu YF(刘迎芳)
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Zinc Finger Antiviral Protein Inhibits Murine Gammaherpesvirus 68 M2 Expression and Regulates Viral Latency in Cultured Cells 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY, 2012, 卷号: 86, 期号: 22, 页码: 12431-12434
Authors:  Xuan, Yifang;  Liu, Ling;  Shen, Sheng;  Deng, Hongyu;  Deng HY(邓红雨);  Gao, Guangxia;  Gao GX(高光侠)
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Translational repression precedes and is required for ZAP-mediated mRNA decay 期刊论文
EMBO JOURNAL, 2012, 卷号: 31, 期号: 21, 页码: 4236-4246
Authors:  Zhu, Yiping;  Wang, Xinlu;  Goff, Stephen P;  Gao, Guangxia;  Gao GX(高光侠)
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Eif4a  Mrna Decay  Translational Repression  Zap