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The c-Abl-MST1 Signaling Pathway Mediates Oxidative Stress-Induced Neuronal Cell D.. Xiao, Lei 3
Proteome of Skeletal Muscle Lipid Droplet Reveals Association with Mitochondria an.. Zhang, Huina 3
Structural and Functional Insights into Saccharomyces cerevisiae Riboflavin Biosyn.. Lv, Zongyang 2
Solution structure and calcium binding of protein SSO6904 from the hyperthermophil.. Feng, Yingang 2
MDA5 is SUMOylated by PIAS2 beta in the upregulation of Type I interferon signalin.. Fu, Jihuan 2
Nitro-based inhibitors against thermolysin Tian, Guan Rong 2
Novel and potent inhibitors of fatty acid synthase derived from catechins and thei.. Zhang, ShuYan 2
Thermal-Induced Dissociation and Unfolding of Homodimeric DsbC Revealed by Tempera.. Li, Heng 2
Molecular epigenetics: dawn of a new era of biomedical research Xu Ruiming 2
Chemiluminescence study on the upregulation of NADPH oxidase activity by thioredox.. SHEN, X 2
MicroRNA-350 induces pathological heart hypertrophy by repressing both p38 and JNK.. Ge, Yuzhi 1
Magnetic Shielding Accelerates the Proliferation of Human Neuroblastoma Cell by Pr.. Mo, Weichuan 1
Identification of Lipid Droplet Structure-like Proteins and Their Function on Life.. Liu, Pingsheng 1
TALEN or Cas9-Rapid, Efficient and Specific Choices for Genome Modifications Wei, Chuanxian 1
Structural Insights into the Intrinsic Self-Assembly of Par-3 N-Terminal Domain Zhang, Yan 1
Structural Basis for the Unique Heterodimeric Assembly between Cerebral Cavernous .. Xu, Xueyong 1
Formaldehyde induces hyperphosphorylation and polymerization of Tau protein both i.. Lu, Jing 1
The Balance between Capture and Dissociation of Presynaptic Proteins Controls the .. Wu, Ye E 1
A C-terminal truncated mutation of spr-3 gene extends lifespan in Caenorhabditis e.. Yang, Ping 1
Tracing Evolutionary Footprints to Identify Novel Gene Functional Linkages Chen, Yong 1
The C. elegans Homolog of RBBP6 (RBPL-1) Regulates Fertility through Controlling C.. Huang, Ping 1
Aging-associated excess formaldehyde leads to spatial memory deficits Tong, Zhiqian 1
Pseudovirus-based neuraminidase inhibition assays reveal potential H5N1 drug-resis.. Lu, Yi 1
Distinct Acute Zones for Visual Stimuli in Different Visual Tasks in Drosophila Yang, Xing 1
Histone modification mapping in human brain reveals aberrant expression of histone.. Zhang, Qin 1
Age-related difference in steering control under reduced visibility conditions Ni, Rui 1
An RS Motif within the Epstein-Barr Virus BLRF2 Tegument Protein Is Phosphorylated.. Duarte, Melissa 1
Mechanism and Cellular Kinetic Studies of the Enhancement of Antioxidant Activity .. Du, Libo 1
Identification of SERPINB1 As a Physiological Inhibitor of Human Granzyme H wang, li 1
Coexistence of ribbon and helical fibrils originating from hIAPP(20-29) revealed b.. Zhang, Shuai 1
Phosphoproteome analysis reveals an important role for glycogen synthase kinase-3 .. Zhang, Hongxia 1
Modeling of the [E43S]SNase-ssDNA-Cd2+ complex: Structural insight into the action.. Xie, Tao 1
Targeting endothelial CD146 attenuates neuroinflammation by limiting lymphocyte ex.. Duan, Hongxia 1
Myotubularin- related Protein 4 (MTMR4) Attenuates BMP/Dpp Signaling by Dephosphor.. Yu, Junjing 1
Expression, crystallization and preliminary crystallographic study of GluB from Co.. Liu, Qingbo 1
Controlling the number of melanopsin-containing retinal ganglion cells by early li.. Hong, Jie 1
Post-response Inhibition on Medial Geniculate Neurons in Sleep Meng XianKai 1
Reactive oxygen species induce a Ce2+-spark increase in sensitized murine airway s.. Tuo, QingRong 1
Tyr26 phosphorylation of PGAM1 provides a metabolic advantage to tumours by stabil.. Hitosugi, Taro 1
Water-fat separation with parallel imaging based on BLADE Weng, Dehe 1
ZAP Inhibits Murine Gammaherpesvirus 68 ORF64 Expression and Is Antagonized by RTA Xuan, Yifang 1
Role of surface charge and oxidative stress in cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of gr.. Wang, Anxin 1
Contrast and Orientation Discrimination in Simultaneous Orientation and Contrast C.. Liu Bing 1
Small compound 6-O-angeloylplenolin induces caspase-dependent apoptosis in human m.. Liu, Ying 1
Mitochondrial Ferritin Attenuates beta-Amyloid-Induced Neurotoxicity: Reduction in.. Wu, WenShuang 1
Crystal structure and nucleotide selectivity of human IFIT5/ISG58 Feng, Feng 1
A continuous spectrophotometric assay for mitogen-activated protein kinase kinases Zheng, LiSha 1
A novel and feasible way to cultivate and purify endothelial progenitor cells from.. Wu Yongtao 1
Affinity maturation of anti-TNF-alpha scFv with somatic hypermutation in non-B cel.. Chen, Shaopeng 1
Bioinformatics Analysis of Proteomic Profiles During the Process of Anti-Thy1 Neph.. Lu, Yang 1
Bulk-like endocytosis plays an important role in the recycling of insulin granules.. Wen, Du 1
Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus nucleoprotein reveals endonuclease activity .. Guo, Yu 1
Crystal structure of kindlin-2 PH domain reveals a conformational transition for i.. Liu, Yan 1
Crystal Structure of TNF-alpha-Inducing Protein from Helicobacter Pylori in Active.. Gao, Mingming 1
Crystallization and Preliminary Crystallographic Studies of Active TNF-alpha-Induc.. Gao MingMing 1
Direct reprogramming of Sertoli cells into multipotent neural stem cells by define.. Sheng, Chao 1
Emotional Modulation of the Attentional Blink Is Awareness-Dependent Qian, Wenli 1
Enterovirus 71 VPg Uridylation Uses a Two-Molecular Mechanism of 3D Polymerase Sun, Yuna 1
Expression, refolding and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of equine MH.. Yao, Shugang 1
Generation of a humanized mouse model with both human immune system and liver cell.. Bility, Moses T 1
Generation of Calhm1 knockout mouse and characterization of calhm1 gene expression Wu, Junbing 1
Label-Free MicroRNA Profiling Not Biased by 3 ' End 2 '-O-Methylation Shen, Ye 1
Live imaging of cellular dynamics during Caenorhabditis elegans postembryonic deve.. Chai, Yongping 1
Long-Term Rescue of Rat Retinal Ganglion Cells and Visual Function by AAV-Mediated.. Ren, Ruotong 1
Methods to measure and analyze ciliary beat activity: Ca2+ influx-mediated cilia m.. Li, WenEr 1
Naringenin Decreases Invasiveness and Metastasis by Inhibiting TGF-beta-Induced Ep.. Lou, Changjie 1
Neuroprotective effects of TongLuoJiuNao in neurons exposed to oxygen and glucose .. Li, XiaoJing 1
Observing force-regulated conformational changes and ligand dissociation from a si.. Chen, Wei 1
Plasma IP-10 Is Associated with Rapid Disease Progression in Early HIV-1 Infection Jiao, Yanmei 1
Purification, crystallization and preliminary X-ray analysis of nonstructural prot.. Yu, Kun 1
Purification, crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of A.. Chen, Xiaoyue 1
Ryanodine receptors are involved in nuclear calcium oscillation in primary pancrea.. Zheng, Ji 1
Screen Anti-influenza Lead Compounds That Target the PA(C) Subunit of H5N1 Viral R.. Li, Lin 1
Significant Increase of Oxidase Activity through the Genetic Incorporation of a Ty.. Liu, Xiaohong 1
Solution Structure of MSL2 CXC Domain Reveals an Unusual Zn(3)Cys(9) Cluster and S.. Zheng, Sanduo 1
Structural insights into the assembly of human translesion polymerase complexes Xie, Wei 1
The Functional Upregulation of Piriform Cortex Is Associated with Cross-Modal Plas.. Ye, Bing 1
The novel long non-coding RNA CRG regulates Drosophila locomotor behavior Li, Meixia 1
UNC-10 Regulates The Docking Step of DCV Exocytosis in C. elegans Feng WanJuan 1
A Superconducting Magnet System for Whole-Body Metabolism Imaging Wang, Q 1
Mitochondria in the pathogenesis of diabetes: a proteomic view Chen, Xiulan 1
Roles of chromatin assembly factor 1 in the epigenetic control of chromatin plasti.. Huang Hai 1
Transformation: how do nematode sperm become activated and crawl? Ma, Xuan 1
A Novel Sorting Prevention Mechanism Mediated by HID-1 during Early Biogenesis of .. Xu, Tao 1
Detection of Protein S-Nitrosation using Irreversible Biotinylation Procedures (IB.. Huang, Bo 1
Inhibition of the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-Akt pathway enhances gamma-2 herpe.. Peng, Li 1
Conformational Changes of the HIV-1 Envelope Protein during Membrane Fusion Are In.. Kondo, Naoyuki 1
H3K27 Trimethylation Is an Early Epigenetic Event of p16(INK4a) Silencing for Rega.. Yao, JiaYi 1
Domain a' of protein disulfide isomerase plays key role in inhibiting alpha-synucl.. Cheng, Han 1
The membrane-spanning domain of gp41 plays a critical role in intracellular traffi.. Miyauchi, Kosuke 1
Phosphoproteome Analysis of Rat L6 Myotubes Using Reversed-Phase C18 Prefractionat.. Hou, Junjie 1
Multimodality Nuclear and Fluorescence Tumor Imaging in Mice Using a Streptavidin .. Liang, Minmin 1
The effects of acute alcohol exposure on the response properties of neurons in vis.. Chen, Bo 1
A comprehensive surveillance of adamantane resistance among human influenza A viru.. Lan, Yu 1
Upregulation of Barrel GABAergic Neurons Is Associated with Cross-Modal Plasticity.. Ni, Hong 1
Deficiency in RNA editing enzyme ADAR2 impairs regulated exocytosis Yang, Liu 1
The Membrane Protein of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Acts as a Do.. Liu, Jun 1
Early exposure of high-dose interleukin-4 to tumor stroma reverses myeloid cell-me.. Jiang, J 1
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文章名称 第一作者 下载量
全部 所外 国外
文章名称 第一作者 下载量